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Jordan FutureAdidas day before the innovation class shoes ZX's 8000 Boost launched a new double color, the designers use grey leather uppers constitute a whole, followed by through the transparent material reflects the elegant purple lining inside, make shoes filled with color at atmosphere, and finally to the white bottom, full of permeability it exudes this season due to the atmosphere, it is reported that the shoes will be in the recently designated registry stores for sale, interested friends may wish to focus.The year of the sheep clothing shoes with limited design, show signs the festive atmosphere with 15 numbers and sheep type on the tongue, it is worth mentioning that the design of removable tongue, on the back of the word "Adidas" design, in this way, even after the holiday, can still easily wear. Men's style is mainly red and black, tough material reflects the vitality of the boys, the high shoes can match a variety of pants, so that the new year styling is not outdated. Female hightops with red and blue black and white, in the material relative to men is thin, relaxed and happy mood winter light! swept the world's soft bottom "big head shoes" recently because of its soft material, causing trouble. Recently, the United States, Japan, Singapore and other countries, many children because wearing American brand card Crocs, "big shoes", feet were caught in the escalator. It is reported that there is no similar ev cheap jordans ent in the Shanghai market. In order to ensure safety, "big headed shoes" may abolish toddler sizes. recently, a soft soled shoe made of synthetic resin has swept the world; many young people in Shanghai have become customers. But last week, the Japanese government issued a warning, since the end of August to early September, there are 39 copies on sandals, the majority is "big shoes" or similar products are caught in the escalator report. Most of these incidents involve children, some of whom are only 2 years old. The same "pinch" incident has also occurred in the United States, Singapore and other countries. According to the reports from these three countries, the reason for the foot clamping of the escalator is that such soft soled shoes are resilient and fit to the foot curve. Shanghai city "big head shoes" is also "pinch incident" affected? In the Raffles Crocs counter to see here, there are nearly 10 kinds of shoes, children under the age of 6 there are two kinds of styles. Ms. Zhang, who is buying for her son, said in surprise: "will this shoe be clipped?"" Sales staff confirmed that, from this year's opening to the present, not many people buy shoes, but also received no similar complaints. "we have not received any complaints."." Crocs, head of regional sales in China, said Yang Lei. He said that foreign "pinch feet" event, mainly when the child on the escalator, feet like to move, it is e jordans on sale mens asy to be caught, and "big head shoes" particularly soft light, once caught, it is not easy to pull out. At present, the brand in the country a month sales in fifty thousand or sixty thousand pairs, but children's shoes sales even 20% less than, Shanghai region sales in general. "Japan and a month sales thousand pairs of shoes than the probability of the occurrence of similar incidents here is very low." He added. Yang Lei said it had not received any notification from the US headquarters about the incident. "There is news that Japan may abolish the size of children under the age of 6. If this decision is passed by the head office, Shanghai should follow up." He revealed. (editor in chief: admin)Time: 2014-09-16 14:11 source: Asia Footwear information network Author: anonymous clicks: Asia's most charismatic and influential footwear and leather products exhibition fourth Shanghai international famous brand leather shoes exhibition will be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center from September 24th to 26. The 3 day exhibition will be open to all the people in the industry. TheMICAMshanghai by the Italy national Footwear Manufacturers Association (Assocalzaturifici) in Hannover, Milan. Asia's most charismatic and influential footwear and leather products exhibition: fourth Shanghai international famous brand leather shoes exhibition will be in September 24, to 26; in Shanghai Exhibition Center held. The 3 day jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black exhibition will be open to all the people in the industry. theMICAMshanghai by the Italy national Footwear Manufacturers Association (Assocalzaturifici), Hannover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Italy Milan exhibition company (Fiera Milano S.p.a) jointly organized. This exhibition is more international and commercial in positioning, bringing together the best quality products popular in the spring and summer of 2015, and offering more value-added interaction. Guangdong shoe industry has great potential; the organizers of the first choice of Shenzhen as its promotion roadshow City, derived from the Guangdong province of China's footwear market development tremendous impact. In recent years, China's shoes industry has developed steadily, and Guangdong has become one of the largest footwear supply areas in the world (exports account for about 25% of global total export volume). Guangdong , thousands of footwear manufacturers and trading companies, also makes it one of the fastest growing footwear manufacturing sites in china. In the first two months of 2014, , Guangdong exported 210 million pairs of shoes, with average export prices 8.2% higher than a year earlier, and rising. international famous brands to showcase the latest fashion footwear and accessories the fourth Shanghai international famous brand leather shoes exhibition of international participation increased s jordan shoes online sale ignificantly, in addition to outside Chinese attracted from 12 different countries participating & nbsp; companies, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, South Korea and the United states. In the 15000 square exhibition area, some of the participating countries will set up special pavilions to showcase their national brands. I don't know if you know about Air Jordan AJKO series shoes. This is one of the most mysterious shoes in the history of Jordan shoes. It was engraved and sold in 2010. And in the summer of this year, NIKE decided to re engraved Air Jordan 1 AJKO, the engraved with the original red and black color in 1986, in addition to a white canvas uppers for white black and red color, two color of future generations. There is no official information about the sale, and it is possible that the shoes will be sold in the form of Quickstrike without warning. We will pay close attention to the sale information, and our interested friends, please continue to pay close attention to our follow-up reports. source: nicekicks Made in Italy Footwear Collection NIKE Sportswear now is undoubtedly in the top line, and on Friday (April 5th), the new 8 models will also be in the Italian shoe stores designated global limited launched. Solstice Mid and Free Inneva enabled Lunar Woven, Air Max Motion NSW SP, Nike Lunar Grace and the women's four shoes as design basis, this presen Cheap jordans online ts the new spring and summer 2013 in blue, white and pink, dark as the main theme. Among them, there are blue and black two color Lunar Solstice Mid SP, to Nike in 80s to Lunarlon classic styling collocation cushioning cushioning technology innovation, and enable the Nike full length Air in the bottom of the Air Max Motion NSW SP, is under the leather uppers added to help enhance the sense of reflective layer Dynamic perforation in the laser. As for the popular Free Inneva Woven in the upper leather and hand woven under full details with Free 5 in the bottom, and a pink satin silk lace material ballet shoes and the color design to create a version of lady, pearl color adds a lot of beautiful feeling for this pair of sports shoes. It is reported that a series of , will be in April 5th in Tongluowan, the Nike Sportswear Store on Pak Sha Road, love friends remember to start as early as possible! In his first Instagram Pharrell recently announced its brand Billionaire Boys Club and Adidas Originals of the latest series of cooperation. From which we can see that, the cooperation of both sides will to classic Stan Smith is modeled of and in the gray and white suede shoes full of BBC trademark "Diamonds" and "$" pattern elements, coupled with the heterochromatic shoelaces and red translucent sole design, filling the streets flamboyant character. At present, this shoe has not yet announced the official release date, interested fr cheap foamposites for sale iends may wish to pay attention to our follow-up reports. source: HYPEBEASTthis summer, Nike will launch the most luxurious version of the two new Max Air 1 Royal, the price of up to $250. The launch of the fitness game two color red and blue, with exquisite and has a sense of movement of neutral tones. In the classic profile to create high quality suede shoe body, with leather decorative details, refreshing white bottom collocation finally ending, simplicity highlights the luxurious atmosphere. It is reported that these two colors will be landing in the recent major Sportswear Nike retail stores, with men and women code, interested parties may wish to note. NIKE AIR MAX 1 ROYALcolor: Red / red peak fitness fitness / 〉 White item: 847671-661NIKE WMNS AIR MAX 1 ROYALcolor: Royal Blue / Blue / white Royal peak number: 847672-400 price: $250SoleboxanyShare Source: share to:Nike design will be fully integrated through the appearance, function and exercise, tap the potential of human. It has always focused on the "natural rhythm", every innovation in products and the distance closer to the body. "2016 Milan Design Week" period, 10 bit avant-garde contemporary designers join Nike, through various media to explore the mysteries of the natural rhythm. Part of the works is full of concepts, predict the future technology; the other is based on some practical works. A large number of Nike's unique material technology has been widely used. Including the Flyknit technology. 1. Lindsay · Adelman (Lyndsey Adelman) Lindsay · Adelman is an American, her design by the natural structure and influence from the visual tension hand blown glass and machine manufacturing metal elements produced by the combination of. Lighting device Adelman inspired by the natural rhythm of the plant. It consists of two lighting bracket, each with multiple stages in the development process, and merge them into a single device. Device with a rocking motion associated with each other, and attempts to constrain the conditions in the industrial components to capture the mysteries of nature between the elusive. 2. Italian Erica · Marco · cavall and Zhawaniao ; a Italian Erica & middot; kaval Gyaltsen and Marco & middot; Zavagno is the founder of zaven and zaven is an interdisciplinary creative studio and by products, graphics, device design and creative direction, communication research, design, and art between interaction. Karwar and Zhawaniao design giant floor lamp -- from the human body -- the diffuser material is Nike flyknit. The device inspired by the beauty of athletes. Use image, light and shadow to enhance the movement of the body in space. 3. Martino · Gan Perle (Gamper Martino) Italian Martino · Gan Perle has received furniture manufacturing and sculpture training, he can make products, but also interested in reusing or transformation of raw materials and processed materials. Gan pearl drum series of works on laminated veneer framework covering the Nike flyknit technology fabric, and fixed with Nike shoes, placed in a specially designed home environment, excellent interpretation of the natural rhythm of the rhythm. 4. Marx · (Max Lamb ); LambMarx · lamb is a British furniture designer, grew up in.8 on the afternoon of 1, Chris, ·, Paul, Dwyne, ·, Vader and Cameron · Anthony came to Beijing Hong school, visited the school, and with basketball training students are kindly interactive. Jordan Brand Flight Tour, the visit to Hong Kong's School of excellence, is not only interactive with students on basketball, but also announced to them the "Wings for Future the" project started. The future project is a new community support strategy launched by Jordan Brand, focusing on improving students' chances of getting involved in education, participation in sports and creativity. Jordan Brand believes this is an essential element in helping students achieve their future success. Through the Jordan Brand flying tour, the "future of the youth" project will be officially introduced into China, and will focus on mobile teenagers and low-income families of middle school students. "The wings of the future" project will be based on Nike's long-term sports charity project - "let me play (Let Me Play)" as a platform, the goal in the next three years, an annual scholarship to 200 teenagers awarded 1000 yuan per person, held in Beijing, Shenyang, Qingdao, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Zhongshan and Ji'nan ten city "let me play" to win the annual basketball league basketball team in the men and women have the opportunity to get the scholarship. In Hong Shan school activities, Chris · Paul, Dwyne · and Cameron Anthony; Vader · Jordan Brand as team members witnessed the "wings of the future" to start the project, and to "let me play sports on behalf of public welfare projects donated honor medal. The three stars also encouraged spot players to better train, perform better and exchange gifts with them as a souvenir. 5 Y't (q' g W: r# Q'#! A , with the return of the retro trend in recent years, Adidas's Adidas Originals Super will also unveil its Tech sports shoe style next year. adidas Originals 2013 replica sports shoes this pair of shoes first appeared in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and engraved styles will be used, high quality leather and suede breathable mesh to build, with the 90s vintage style blue and pink color, and white collocation to ease the earthquake good performance bottom. adidas Originals 2013 replica sports shoes Tech Super will be launched next year at Overkill, a well-known shoe store in Berlin, and will be available at Adidas Originals in 2013 January. adidas Originals 2013 replica sports shoes