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you like skateboarding girls may also have this same feeling, in the selection of vans of shoes, they can only choose some shoes to boys as a benchmark, another color, pattern lady style, but after all, has not the sole male and female students few were on the contour, so that many people feel that this does not modify the girls present some lines of beauty. But recently VANS skateboard for you to bring the Gospel girls, VANS 8 ??? will be launched designed specifically for girls Slim Classic series, which will be in accordance with the girl's feet were redesigned, revamped shoe body narrows apart, even shoelaces are more finely than the past, but also through internal shoe specially modified to make Slim Classic series of classic shoes even more slender slim, unique qualities lines girls together to expand Authentic and Chukka and other classic shoes, you like skateboarding shoes after women will not need to worry about the problem of men women wear, exclusive girls finally choose the classic series! single product info: Name: VANS Slim Classic Series Price: Chukka Slim 525RMB, Authentic Slim 465RMB purchase link: VANS & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Nike Lebron 9 & quot; Finals & quot; individual customized version Pictures 2013-12-08 22:22:48 In the recent exposure of Nike Lebron 9 & quot; MVP championship & quot; after the suit, this suit has attracted numerous eye. Sneakers custom home Will Payne recently released the latest customized version, this pair customized version with Lebron 9 PS Elite & quot; Away & quot; is based on the upper paint on the fire red, the Swoosh is also painted on the Miami Heat team logo, combustion The flame is very imposing.Pharrell Williams and Adidas Originals heavy product Adidas Originals = PHARRELL WILLIAMS joint before the maxed out shoes circle, both sides starting from the concept of PLAY FOR THE HUMAN RACE theme, explore the essence of human nature, praise all over the world cultural diversity, and on behalf of Fei Dong Yongai, enthusiasm, energy and color with the vision of a world. This time, the network also released the five pieces of the top foot real map, let us once again feel this section of another design. pharrell-adidas-hu-human-race-collection.jpg (110 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Pharrell, x, Adidas, NMD, Hu, , appreciation 2 jordans for sale 016-9-29 upload at 11:57 1.jpg (331.23 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Pharrell, x, Adidas, NMD, Hu, , appreciation 2016-9-29 upload at 11:59 2.jpg (333.4 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Pharrell, x, Adidas, NMD, Hu, , appreciation 2016-9-29 upload at 11:59 3.jpg (341.76 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Pharrell, x, Adidas, NMD, Hu, , appreciation 2016-9-29 upload at 11:59 4.jpg (318.71 KB, download times: 3) download attachment Pharrell, x, Adidas, NMD, Hu, , appreciation 2016-9-29 upload at 11:59 5.jpg (341.09 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Pharrell, x, Adidas, NMD, Hu, , appreciation 2016-9-29 upload at 11:59 6〉After Adidas Basketball for John Wall as the starting guard against the NBA 2015 All-Star all star game and launched a special edition of J Wall 1, and a new color version comes. This section is made of blue and red. The main color of the shoe is made up of white and gray. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it. release date: March 15th IMG_2151.JPG (119.34 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas J Wall 1 brand new color Upload 09:36 2015-2-23 adidas-originals-zx-flux-nps-suede-pack-3.jpg (63.06 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Originals ZX Flux NPS brand new color Upload 09:33 2014-9-25 adidas-originals-zx-flux-nps-suede-pack-6.jpg (52.07 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Originals ZX Flux NPS brand new color Upload 09:33 2014-9-25 adidas-originals-zx-flux-nps-suede-pack-4.jpg (91.28 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Originals 〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Recently, Apple and Nike, "because Nike FuelBand bracelet inaccurate data being user prosecute" class action lawsuit and the plaintiff conclude a reconciliation agreement by Nike to pay the plaintiff $ 2.4 million applications for compensation, namely FuelBand customers between January 2012 to buy 19 to 17 June 2015 to provide $ 15 in compensation or Nike $ 25 gift card (only in the US and Puerto Rico customers) , and Apple will not pay any fees. FuelBand poke in the wearable device of the three pain points Although Nike made the decision to bear the relevant compensation, but it does not recognize the problem are not allowed to monitor alleged. Because this is the current all smart bracelet, the watch face common problems, we can say the lawsuit is not just Nike's lawsuit, but also cheap air jordans online the entire industry lawsuit wearable device. From Nike and Apple's standpoint, they do not recognize technical issues, because any new technology to emerge from the process in popularity, both over time and require continuous optimization. In fact, this single technology to monitor behavior, it is difficult to achieve a hundred percent accurate, can only say that with the continuous advances in technology, we can continue to improve to achieve a close to real-world monitoring data . Therefore, objectively speaking, in the state of the art two years ago, FuelBand able to do the kind of precision is not an easy thing. Nike To guarantee accuracy mobile monitoring data to the maximum extent, also used shoes + bracelet "double" monitoring technology, which is monitored through the limbs to get exercise. This compared with today's wearing a ring or a single table on the user's wrist, it is clear that monitoring should be much higher accuracy. Why would they suffered storm lawsuit mainly the following reasons:? First, the algorithm model is imperfect. Whether to render the wearable device after data acquisition hardware itself how accurate the data they collected and can not be directly generated and presented to the user, but needs the help of the rear end of algorithm technology for data collected through a series of processing. In other words, the decision whether or not precise wearable device monitoring, in addition to hardware performance itself, soft-level algorithm is to determine the precise monitoring of the key. Whether former Nike, today or any smart bracelet or watch business, in the absence of a large number of practical and effective user data, the algorithm model established can only say that the theoretical stage of "credible." But there are also out of this predicament of businesses, the wearable device is known as the first unit of FitBit, aware of the problem after it, so focus on the use of strategies, this one focusing on motion detection function, through the technical level continues aggregated to provide users with a relatively reliable products, and thereby to increase the user's viscosity, and then use a large amount of user data by means of a reverse correction algorithm model itself, excluding the user as much as possible during some of the "noise" factor . The second is consumer awareness dislocation. Put on the whole intelligence industry to date, we can say in the minds of consumers are still in a very fuzzy cognitive state, including wearable cheap air jordans device including, almost the majority of consumers are unable to describe clearly on this industry and product the concept of. Most consumers in the purchase of a wearable device, still due to the habit of thinking that: as long as I put the "high tech" smart bracelet or watch, I can know my exercise. This recognition in itself is not wrong, but there must be a prerequisite to the wearable device is not already have a "God" class applications. From the current point of view, it is clear there are still some distance. That is, most of the current wearable device is in a particular user behavior, the results of its monitoring is accurate. Simple point that is currently monitoring the performance of our front-end hardware does not exist in itself a big problem, but there are points backstage arithmetic problem, in most cases the algorithm model is built according to the conventional way of life. Such as smart bracelet is mainly based on the body when walking movement related to movement of the hand gestures and the movement of people in the hands of time, including the combination of displacement positioning technology, and then integrated point to other factors, and then add some culling factor to build a model. After all front-end hardware acquisition to data transmission to the rear, through the algorithm model for data series of arithmetic processing, and then generate the corresponding results are presented to the user. In this case, in order to obtain accurate monitoring data is not impossible, but the user must use the device in accordance with the monitoring equipment and the equipment corresponding to the way this algorithm, so, the data obtained on the relative approaching real the world. To wearable device according to the "User's Guide" and use the device, the user is obviously increased the number of "trouble." Currently, most consumers are unwilling to accept this approach. Third, the lack of objectivity of marketing. Leading to the lawsuit or cause another factor today Tucao user wearable device is worn with the current smart marketing industry has a direct relationship. Many entrepreneurs or product manufacturer in order to attract attention to the success of marketing on it deliberately to enlarge its product technical performance in theory, and whether the product monitoring techniques flawed, or in some cases the product can obtain and provide precise monitoring results, intentionally, unintentionally, "forget" the risk warning given to consumers. Mayb cheap jordans for sale e we need another perspective to understand the wearable device. Monitoring technology can not be one hundred percent it is not a funny thing, just as today many medical testing equipment, such as electronic sphygmomanometer, which can be measured to the measurement result is only a close to real data after being corrected. So, on the one hand to monitor the results of our errors that may exist or inaccuracy factor clearly tell the customer, one is responsible for the consumer, and secondly is responsible for their own products, for three to Responsible industrial development; the other is to clearly indicate to the user, the manner in which the use of the collected data may correspond to what precise reference level. Allowing users to understand data accuracy in the manner in which the monitor will reach the number, so that both can avoid the risk of users of the products placed "infinity" expect brought, can also promote the user in order to obtain precise monitoring results and adjust accordingly Activities way. Nike compensation is just a marketing show From the surface condition of the lawsuit, the Nike lost. However, the results of this compensation made by Nike point of view, this is more like a crisis public relations marketing events. Which allows us to see the two aspects of information: First disguised promotion. Nike sports on the product itself, in order to boost the performance of things that such price or gift marketing campaign is a normal thing. Nike provided the solution to a number of specific FuelBand users $ 15 compensation or Nike $ 25 gift card, in fact, most of the users in order to get more "cheap" would choose $ 25 gift card, which It does not look like a kind of "compensation", more like a disguised form of promotion or sale activity, virtually driving the sales of Nike sports products. The second is to do an endorsement for the Apple Watch. Question is not questioned a single product FuelBand suffered, more like the current sports wearable device emitted a question. In the face of Apple Watch current sales slowdown, Nike made if a lack of courage to take responsibility for the attitude of their products, which for the promotion of Apple Watch the reliability will play a positive role in the positive. Therefore, it is not so much a lawsuit, as it is Apple and Nike the opportunity to come forward to put a gesture by Nike to eliminate the consumer's "concerns" to re-establish the credibility of the brand, as Apple Watch endorsement. Of cour cheap jordans se, this is also for the entire industry made a wearable device endorsement, regardless of the user says and does not say, in their hearts for these smart bracelets, watches and the like product monitoring results accuracy concerns are there, choose Nike compensation The program can ease concerns to some extent, after all, in the age of technology, even if it is a PC or smart phone can not provide us with complete and reliable results, use WORD can not guarantee is stable. (. Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Chinese footwear Footwear News Top Ten Brands Award: http: // & nbsp;[ ] Nike brand sports shoes net before the date of the first to announce the spring and summer of 2015 Free Flyknit 4 running shoes series. The new series bring a total of color, black, blue, gray, white, green and red and other color, design adopts Flyknit knitting material lightweight breathable shoe body structure, with Flywire fly line technology to enhance the shoe body stability, finally equipped with comfortable Free 4 running shoe show. At present, the series has been purchased through, priced at $120 U.S. dollars. (global shoe net plum editor) Adidas Originals Stan Smith CF recently added a "Night Brown" color, design with a luxurious brown leather uppers and a Velcro straps, with sideways punching details, heel and white leather lining add texture, finally equipped with white rubber soles, overall exudes a primitive beauty. It is reported that , the shoes have been purchased by Allike Store, priced at 90 euros, white shoes? If you look tired, how to try the new color feeling. (plum shoes editor)Remember that Air Jordan V 3lab5 Elephant Print? For many people this pair of shoes to boil wait queue vigil, a lot of people on the official website to crush skin payment, but fortunately is always a small number of people, if you missed the Air Jordan V 3lab5 Elephant Print, then please don't miss this double Air Jordan V 3Lab5 Black Infrared. This pair of Air Jordan V 3Lab5 Black Infrared to all black burst features and ornamentation, with fire red dotted the details, it will be scheduled for December 31st Eve officially on sale, your shoes fans please look forward to it! air-jordan-3-lab-5-infrared-23-release-date-01.jpg (91.41 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 13:44 upload air-jordan-3-lab-5-infrared-23-release-date-11.jpg (57.14 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 13:44 upload air-jordan-3-lab-5-i buy cheap jordans online nfrared-23-release-date-08.jpg (49.74 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 13:44 upload air-jordan-3-lab-5-infrared-23-release-date-07.jpg (56.56 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 13:44 upload air-jordan-3-lab-5-infrared-23-release-date-06.jpg (49.3 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 13:44 upload air-jordan-3-lab-5-infrared-23-release-date-04.jpg (43.19 KB, download number: 0) 0NBA 2015 All-Star all star week on the first time we have seen the LeBron wear this pair of new LeBron 12 Low LeBronold Palmer, a new exterior design so many complaints about Nike LeBron 12 shoes fans rendered speechless, and this section also announced officially on sale at the moment. item: 776652-383 release date: March 1stPrice: lebronold-palmer-nike-lebron-12-low.jpg (298.97 KB, download number: 13) download Nike LeBron 12 Low LeBronold Palmer 2015-2-25 09:27 upload lebronold-palmer-nike-lebron-12-low-3.jpg (178.52 KB, download number: 24) download Nike LeBron 12 Low LeBronold Palmer 2015-2-25 09:26 upload lebronold-palmer-nike-lebron-12-low-4.jpg (58.47 KB, download number: 22) download Nike LeBron 12 Low LeBronold Palmer 2015-2-25 09:26 upload lebronold-palmer-nike-lebron-12-low-1.jpg (94.53 KB, download number: 13) download Nike LeBron 12 Low LeBronold Palmer 2015-2-25 09:26 upload lebronold-palmer-nike-lebron-12-low-2.jpg (94.52 KB, download number: 25) download Nike LeBron 12 Low LeBronold Palmer 2015-2-25 090 Fighter Jet; this double jet camouflage color, the original section of Nike Air Foampsoite One in the space of shoes, and the shoes through the custom Kicks Galore division play creation help shoes in Air Jordan 11 Low low, on the black background on ballistic nylon material Black Camo paint color fender design, in the black under on striking red crystal, showing a kind of atmosphere, you will buy it? mita sneakers once again teamed up with Ree Bok to launch a new Mita sneakers, x, Reebok, Insta, Pump, Fury, Leopard, Microdot, new talent. The Mita sneakers x Reebok Insta Pump - Fury Leopard Microdot seem to all black shoes as the main body, but in reality it has a black leopard face design and low-key, with white polka dot wave details decoration, insole with Tokyo words, definitely worth of shoes fans. This pair of Mita sneakers x Reebok Insta Pump Fury Leopard Microdot will be officially opened in May 1st vendors, who want to start with the fans have to pay attention.New Nike Air Trainer SC High exposure resolution pictures and commercial information 2013-12-08 22:42:03 The new color gray / white / obsidian perfect combination, yet efficient performance in this pair Nike Air Trainer SC High understated appearance. The recent exposure of a variety of colors, so like my friends have more choices. This pair of Nike Air Trainer SC High exposure a detailed commercial information, like friends can look at. Nike Air Trainer SC High Num: 302346-015 expected release date: 12/05/12 expected sale price: $ 110 day over 100 students, the media, the community put on sneakers, took part in the "Where are the playground" adidas Chongqing Public health cum adidas Chongqing A 81 Square flagship store opening activities at home. The event in support of Chongqing under 81 square successfully expand the pedestrian street in the business district, as the activities of the organizers of the Olympic champion Zhong Man adidas invited to visit the scene of passion into the sport of Chongqing, also invited the cutting-edge models bear clever refueling site for the public to help out. The event donated a total value of 200,000 yuan adidas shoes and apparel products to the apartments fraternity public organizations, will deliver a love to the needy children. This action adidas Chinese public projects won more attention, but also consistent implementation of the national fitness program thoroughly. not the same & quot; black & quot; 2013-12-08 23:10:47 sports often have various constraints, such as time, occasion, rules. We reject these shackles and chains, to awaken people to ponder the nature of the movement: Functional, sporty and elegant. These elements puma black label series which carried out the development and extension of the ingenious combination of sports and fashion together. The series is designed to blend dynamic life philosophy puma and top designers mihara yasuhiro, hussein chalayan and alexander mcqueen design style, never docked with curiosity bring a different new designs. Although it called black label, but black label series will create unlimited wealth of colors, bring you a different black. PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro fashion designers from Japan mihara yasuhiro extravagant design concept is known, through their own design to continue to challenge and redefine the boundaries between sports and fashion. Mihara design inspiration comes from riding a wave of spring and summer, its uniqueness lies in its interpretation of the culture of cycling. High density and extremely lightweight waterproof material combined with superior performance, exquisite and delicate yet playful. 2013 spring and summer to build the line uncamo series, the new camouflage technology exposure to light, bright colors compose urban camouflage style, will mihara puma both eclectic and fun idea to an extreme. The series will be a traditional running sliponflash design and modern industrial technology combine to create a seamless one-piece molded shoe, "a pedal" style, but also to the wearing experience tremendous convenience and fun. My-67 ??UnCamo These shoes combine the traditional German style sandals and sports elements, coupled with the use of this season uncamo pattern elements, and the sole use of high-end puma r-system technology, so wearing foot feeling more comfortable, more resistant shoes mill. My-64 SlipOnFlash The most important feature of this pair of shoes is a seamless one-piece upper, Slip On design provides more convenience and fun to wear. Full 3m vamp at midnight lighting also reflects the strange colors, the traditional running shoes design and modern industrial design combined with a sense of simplicity and technology coexist. PUMA by Hussein Chalayan As creative director of PUMA Hussein Chalayan will design and functionality combined with a clear and detailed design aesthetics redefined the modern city in the "mobile life." 013 spring and summer focused on outdoor bird watching Karajan style, the original ecology of minimalist design and into the extraordinary experience of outdoor sports. Karajan concise, novel, beyond design to show the world: in front of the classic works of enduring combination of fashion and art. Metro to shuttle backpackers for design inspiration, Karajan season emphasize outdoor Imagine, for the 2013 PUMA & nbsp; Black Label adds avant-garde elements. I believe no one can feel while listening to great works of art, its indifferent. Karajan in the visual presentation and outdoor sports concept with rich colors and lightweight structure, unique, wild imaginative show in front of an audience. Haast Disc After design devil Hussein transformation of the Disc Blaze, the early moments in front of people, to make people feel a little surprised, it seems a little less understanding of this pair of shoes Disc Blaze, Hussein biggest transformation is to make the system simplifies Disc , so that people see more clearly the principle Disc System. Vamp is also made of composite material, so that the pair of shoes looks full of a sense of the future, though it does not look like the stereotype of the Disc Blaze, but we can put a pair of sneakers seen Hussein for his idea of ??Disc Blaze Interpretation. Conflate Print Conflate series of clever fusion of minimalist design and holographic optical elements such as lenses, reflecting the brand's own endless creative energy. Upper color printing reflects the designer's minimalist style, and the light changes, with blue crystal rubber soles. PUMA by Alexander McQueen There are the devil's title designer Alexander McQueen, design style all reveal the wild and daring. Each season can be just right to hit the popular lifeblood, and add their own style of thinking, presented to the audience distinctive art exhibition. 2013 Spring design inspired by the folk traditions and culture. Classic shoes to PUMA basis, the bustle and tranquility, the perfect blend of passion and calm. Alexander? McQueen empire, is more like a pair of shoes after crafted artwork fleeting in time and space. McQueen this spring and summer with the theme of folk traditions, historical flavor aftertaste England hills, praise hard work of farming era. Mysterious eye-catching style details, weave rare and unique, chic shoe pattern, which at first glance can not get a glimpse of the full sense of mystery, both eye-catching and intriguing. Street Climb II Mid Leather As for the tradition of the classic basketball shoes on behalf of, on the Street Climb prototype has been updated designs, colors inspired by the traditional festivals, dancers and actor's costume color. AMQ Dek Mid II This shoe design inspiration from sailing, use the bright side leather uppers and perforated collar and tongue design, clean lines uppers, rubber outsole reflect the casual style. Nike Lunar Force 1 black and white digital camouflage 2013-12-08 22:48:51 Real appreciation last week the highly anticipated Nike Lunar Force 1 officially released worldwide, today we will focus attention to the color of this new Nike Lunar Force 1 above. The & quot; Digi Camo & quot; color for a long time before we bring you over the spy photos, the color of this kind finally appeared in front of us. More noteworthy is that the white portion of the shoe body are 3M luminous materials to build. It is reported that this shoe is priced $ 175, will be available in major designated shops.